Friday, March 25, 2005

Funny Stories

Well, last night I had my first celebration/party for Heritage Makers. I was nervous about it but the group was really nice to me. We got to share some interesting stories about each other. Some of them were pretty funny! My one friend, Tyree, told us how her husband was nervous to tell her that he loved her. She said that they were in the moment and he was like "um, so I really like you" and she said "yeah, I really like you too" and then they both giggled like little kids. Ha ha, I thought that it was pretty funny. But, my favorite story was about Hadley, Asher's little girl friend.

Teryl, Hadley's mom, told us how they were watching a T.V. show and the lady in it turned to the mirror and said "Do these make my butt look big?". So, the other day Hadley got dressed and turned to her mom and said "Mom, do these make my butt look big?" It is pretty funny when you picture this little girl saying it!

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